The Whalen homestead cabin is now at home on the Swan Valley museum site. It was located on the Donald property visible from the Kraft Creek road...

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Smith Creek School Gains New Home
By Colleen Kesterson, Seeley Swan Pathfinder
​July 2, 2015 (PDF)

Students in front of the Smith Creek School in 1932. Located near present day Kauffman Road, it was built in 1918 and operated until 1932. The larch shakes were attached to the ridge pole and purlins (roof structure).
Historic Smith Creek School Rebuilt

Montana: Voices Of The Swan is also available for purchase at the following locations:

Montana: Voices of the Swan
Stories From The Upper Swan Valley Oral History Project

Inside this chronology of the scenic Swan Valley in western Montana you’ll learn about  events that connect us to the Indian people who first encountered the Swan Valley, the surveyors  who mapped thousands of acres of uncharted land, the homesteaders who toiled to eke out a living, the foresters and woodsmen who managed the natural resources, and numerous citizens who worked to make the character of Swan Valley what it is today. Whether you are a student of local history or a curious visitor in the Swan, reading this chronology will expand your understanding of the natural, cultural and historical aspects of the region.

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Swan River Tavern

Bill Anderson, Lloyd Hahn, and a crew of volunteers moved the Swan River Tavern to the Swan Valley Museum & Heritage Site. 2012. Donated by the Quadros family.

Swan Valley Museum

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Wranglers, Dudes and Homesteaders captures the magic of the Western lifestyle as it carries one back to the early years of Montana’s dude ranches, with stories and photos of that bygone era from Lindbergh Lake Lodge, Holland Lake Lodge and the Gordon Ranch. Surviving family members of previous lodge owners as well as former guests, share remembrances and tell tales of how things were. Wranglers, Dudes and Homesteaders, a production of the USVHS, is part of The Montana Experience: Stories from Big Sky Country and is featured on the Tourism Montana website. The film was directed and produced by Jenny Rohrer of Rohrer Film & Video.

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Over the past decade, many of the Swan Valley's early settlers and residents have been interviewed, sharing their stories of what it was like to be among the first to inhabit this wild and rugged land. The Upper Swan Valley Historical Society has published these experiences so future generations will have a better understanding of the challenging lifestyles as well as the changes on the landscape that our ancestors experienced. The book is filled with tales and recollections told by those who experienced them! Numerous photos and incidental historical information as well as maps have been added to the stories to help bring the past to life for the reader.

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As Time Goes By: A Chronology of Swan Valley

Wranglers, Dudes and Homesteaders
Stories from Montana's Swan Valley Lodges
Lindbergh Lake Lodge, Holland Lake Lodge and Gordon Ranch
30 minutes


Upper Swan Valley Historical Society
Whalen Homestead Moved to Swan Valley Museum Grounds

Inside this collection of huckleberry stories, historical accounts and recipes you’ll discover the distinctive flavor of Swan Valley. Sprinkled with archival photos, The Huck Book looks back at the traditions and lore that showcase the most sought- after fruit of the forest. Sample Swan Valley’s rich and varied culinary heritage from over 80 recipes generously supplied by the valley’s finest cooks. The Huck Book is a feast of historical accounts and nostalgia as well as a guide to the best huckleberry delights in the West.

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The Huck Book:
Swan Valley's Berried Stories, History and Recipes

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Trapper Cabin
The Upper Swan Valley Historical Society, Inc. obtained an old trapper cabin to exhibit at the Swan Valley Museum. Built by Fred Messerer in the late 1920s, early 1930s era, the cabin originally was located in the Elbow Lake Lookout area above Lindbergh Lake.