August 5, 2017
Between 1904 and 1934 there were at least 200 homestead claims filed in the Upper Swan Valley. Of those, 102 were successfully proved up and received patents.

The Homestead Tour was a self-guided, self-driving tour of 8 of these original homesteads. The tour was followed by a Story Telling and Open Mic reception at the Swan Valley Museum. 

A lunch special was also offered by the Hungry Bear Steakhouse.

Barb Hill Raible stands in front of the sauna that was the first structure built by her grandparents when they prepared to "prove up" the Hill Homestead. PHOTO: Betty Vanderwielen, Pathfinder.

The Thomas Hagerty Homestead
By RICH NELSON for the Upper Swan Valley Historical Society, Seeley Swan Pathfinder, August 3, 2017

Like many privately owned properties throughout Montana, the Thomas Hagerty homestead came into private ownership thanks to the Federal government which first surveyed the land, and later opened it up for homesteading... Continue reading →

Thomas Hagerty's Homestead Cabin.

Pioneer Descendants Share Memories During Homestead Tour
By BETTY VANDERWIELEN of the Seeley Swan Pathfinder, August 10, 2017

The more than 100 people who enjoyed the Upper Swan Valley Historical Society's (USVHS) Homestead Tour Saturday, Aug. 5 had a variety of reasons for participating... Continue reading →

Partial funding provided by:

Valley Bookkeeping and Tax Service

Homestead Tour

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photo of historic cabin

Open Mic Performers and Story Tellers included:

  • Chelsea Cahoon, Abram Pocha, and Brianna Yates
  • Gene Miller
  • Rich Nelson
  • Jessie Thoreson
  • Joost Verboven

2017 Homestead Tour and Open Mic photos courtesy of Colleen Kesterson, Helene and Tom Michael, Suzanne Palm, and Steve Lamar.

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people standing in front of historic cabin
Upper Swan Valley Historical Society